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Indian Medical Association, Kerala State Branch


    IMA, one of the biggest Medical Associations in the world was formed in 1928.  IMA has been in the forefront in the nation building, looking after the health interests of the people as well as the professional interest of modern medical doctors.  IMA has grown enormously and today it has 22 State branches with 1397 local branches incorporating more than 1 lakh  doctors in its fold.  IMA Kerala State Branch is one of the very active and vibrant State Branches which has contributed 2 National Presidents.  The array of activities of IMA fall in 3 principal categories viz.  Academic, social and organisational. Through its 80 local branches, doctors are being given Continuing Medical Education to update their medical knowledge.  The significance of this CME programme can be appreciated only when one knows that the State/ Central Government does not do anything in this regard.  In the health front, IMA is doing yeomen service in the form of health surveys, effective implementation of national health programmes, intervening in the framing of Government health policies, designing and implementing projects like ACT Force, Trauma Care Centres for the accident victims, setting up of Blood Banks, Drug Information Centre, Drug Formulary etc.


       In the organisational activities, IMA has been fighting for the betterment of the professionals in all sectors whether Government or private, In the fight against inclusion of medical profession under the purview of the Consumer Protection Act, IMA could envisage and develop an unique indemnity insurance scheme for doctors namely PPS- Professional Protection Scheme - which has almost relieved the practising doctors of the unnecessary fear of litigations. Social Security Scheme is designed to provide financial assistance to the family of a member of this Scheme in the event of his her death. The other important schemes of IMA are the Hospital Protection Scheme, Professional Equipment Protection Scheme and Professional Employment Promotion Scheme. On the academic front, IMA has two very active wings, the IMA  College of General Practitioners  and IMA Academy of Medical Specialities.  A separate Women doctors’ wing is also being formed for Kerala Sate IMA. Few other schemes , unique to Kerala Sate IMA are the IMA  AIDS & HIV Cell,  IMA committee for the elderly and IMA Charitable fund. Kerala State IMA also has an ethics committee which functions very well.  In short, IMA is reaching out to all the doctors with a helping hand.

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